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What are we all about ?

I have worked with and around reptiles for sometime, I am the education coordinator at Arrowhead Reptile Rescue, and I do alot of other volunteer work with reptiles. These creatures are my passion and enjoy working with them and educating people about them. I constructed this site as an educational and informative site soley. I believe education is the key to ensure these animals are given proper care, understood and appreciated the way they should be. Most of the time when someone buys a reptile for a pet, they have no idea what that animals needs or requires to live a long and healthy life nor do they usually care. To often reptiles are disreguarded, or are treated as "disposable pets", meaning if they die in captive care, its not an issue for most people.  I am hoping you will visit my site when you want to find some good information on reptiles, also if you are think of getting a pet reptile, you will find everything you need here from proper care to common problems you may encounter. There is some information about native ohio reptile species and alot of good links that provide good information also. You will find a Reptile Forum, where you can post questions/concerns. 

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