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Common Captive Reptile Health Problems


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Common Captive Reptile Health Problems
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Common Reptile Health Issues

 There are a few common health issues involved with captive reptiles, which are usually the result of poor care,husbandry and diet on the owners part. The first one, which is seen quite often in Iguanas is MBD, or Metabolic Bone Disease.  This condition is seen in many different reptiles, but is previlant with Iguanas. This problem usually stems from poor diet and the animal lacking the calcium and vitamins it needs for growng bones. It is crucial that Iguanas have an ultraviolet light source in their enclosure with both UVA and UVB rays, and they need to get a variety of fresh greens and fruit, to get the necessary vitamins for good health. One way to supplement this is to sprinkle a calcium powder into their food once a week or so. These calcium powders and supplements can be found in most any pet store or reptile supply company.

 Another common one is mouthrot, or Infectious Stomititus. This health problem is seen in snakes quite often, this problem is actually a culmination of other problems with the animal. Poor husbandry,diet, and enclosure temperatures that are not optimal for the animal can be the cause of this.      Blister Disease,   Respiratory Infection,