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Reptiles As Pets


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Reptiles As Pets

Keeping Reptiles as Pets 

I hope this page provides you with the inforation you need, when it comes to making a decision about owning a reptile as a pet. You will find inforomation about proper husbandry, diet and all around care. This page will also "shed some light" on just what you should expect taking on a reptile as a pet, they are not all easy to care for and most need very specific care to live a long and happy life.  

 Before actually buying a pet reptile you should research the animals you want to buy and part of this process is evaluating what you actually have room for in your home. The following are some good questions you should look at and answer for yourself, before you bring any animal home :

  1 - How much time do you have to spend cleaning up after and   maintaining the reptile ? 

  2 - How much space do you have available to house the reptile ?  

  3 - Are you prepared to take your reptile to the vet, if it gets sick or needs medical treatment ? Reptiles need medical care the same as a dog or cat would ! 

Pet Reptile facts :

- Green Iguanas grow to be over 6ft in length. While some have quite nice dispositions, some are very aggressive and capable of delivering quite a painful bite ! 

- Burmese Pythons can grow to be 12ft - 18ft in length and weigh over one hundred fifty pounds or more. Proper prey items for an animal this large will include large rabbits and even small goats ! 

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